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1. A prime specimen with an -anti- nature.
2. A dandy fellow indeed who is ready to kick ass and take names.
3. One who emits an aura of orgasmic delight.
OMG there goes The Mitchell coming to take me and show my virgin body seven different kinds of heaven.

The Mitchell is a cutie pie. I concur indeed.

Does The Mitchell look like a bitch? NO. Then don't try to fuck him like a bitch.
by your bitch February 16, 2005
1) One who sexually participates with animals associated with a farm environment.
2) Taking part in an orgy including animals.
The hick has a liking for farm sex.
by your bitch October 30, 2003
Fittest, coolest, smartest, best looking, best athlete, biggest Shlong.
Basically everyone is jealous of the one they call "Mabii"
Girl 1: is that Mabii?
Girl 2: (creames herself)
by Your bitch October 21, 2013
1) One who has caveman attributes; brow, jutted jaw
2) Characterized as one that lacks beauty
3) One's description after oral sexual activity
4) (see "shitstain" definition)
Hey, fuckface!
by your bitch October 30, 2003

No Drugs
No Drinking
No Sex
No Fun
My friend Coral* refuses to do drugs, drink, have sex before marriage, or even look at porn because she is straight edge.

*Indicates name has been changed
by Your Bitch December 27, 2004
the show in which a poor little boy dies, and a fat piece of shit makes fun of a jew
Kenny- "mmmphhhmaffuddfh"
Cartman-"Shut up Kenny"
Kyle-"Shut up Fat-ass"
Cartman-"Shut your mouth you stupid jew
by your bitch May 15, 2003
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