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He pitched a tent when the hot girl walked by
by Your Mom's Box July 13, 2003
An English girl's pussy
Keira Knightley has a nice English Muffin.
by Your Mom's Box October 06, 2003
"shit" in Norweigan
Our Norweigan friend told us "not to take Drit from anyone"
by Your Mom's Box March 28, 2004
Female vagina of a human...can also vary as poonanny, poon, or poontang
I licked her poonan!
by Your Mom's Box March 28, 2004
The guy that mops up the nudie booth after a guy shoots a load.
If I don't go to college I might end up as a jismopper
by Your Mom's Box October 09, 2003
Its on Leonard Ave in the Jersey Shore town of Leonardo. Red Bank is the site of the Stash, aka Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Kevin Smith's store.
Last time I went to the Quick Stop I got lost on Route 36 and almost ended up in the ocean.
by Your Mom's Box August 12, 2003
A booth in a strip club where you put in some money, the window goes down, and live girls put on a show from you. After you blow your load, the jismopper comes and cleans it up.
The jismopper works in the nudie booth
by Your Mom's Box October 09, 2003
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