255 definitions by your mom

?:( This makes no sense.
Why was Real.Scary banned. ?:(

What is going on, I want to play. ?:(

What is that grunting noise coming from my mom's bedroom, and where is our dog. ?:(
by Your Mom July 10, 2004
the best, the bomb
Have you heard the Jason Mraz CD yet? It's the cat's ass!
by your mom September 07, 2003
To smoke marijuana.
Man, it smells like the next door neighbor is burning rope again!
by Your Mom July 13, 2003
An insult, but also the rag that is used to clean up after having a fuck with someone, thus fuck rag.
"You cum-drenched fuck rag"
by your mom March 10, 2003
1. Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men.

2. Characterized by weakness and excessive refinement.
Ronnie is an effeminate bastard.

See Synonyms at female.
by Your mom November 29, 2003
to have sex! FUCK! do it! ect.
(word formed in the city of LUDLOW, KY)
I'd Smash it.
by your mom November 04, 2003
Fag, way cool armos call people gay on the low...g-yot ...g as in the letter g in english and yot as in the nummber seven in armenian...when u sound it it it giyot...meaning fag in armenian... G7 BRO!
Girl 1: Dude look at that parskahye...hes so hot but his jeans are really ass tight
Girl 2: gggggggg 7!!!!
by YOUR MOM January 06, 2005

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