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*Definiton Varies in Context*

1) Lower than Cruel, as in King Cruel

2) King K. Rool, the green lizard from the Donkey Kong series

3) Big and nasty, see cruel
1) Fuck, i just got clobbered by King K Rool! i'm gunna get him!

2) King K Rool: Sometimes i wonder... Do i want this?

3) There come Cruel, then comes King Cruel. Get it?
by your best idiot March 26, 2010
Black, ultra-spicy pizza
I went to order out for pizza, when I got the pizza, i put some black, ultra-spicy hot cajun sauce on the pizza, when i finished the pizza, i was blowing fire and sweating like hell when i ate the cajun pizza
by your best idiot May 15, 2010
when a person has a daily routine of staring at (most likely females) asses, to the point of grabbing the ass and laughing maniacally
When wlaking down the streets, Melissa got her ass grabbed to the outrageous ass fetish Diddy had, causing him to laugh maniacally
by your best idiot March 27, 2010
when a guy stronger hurts you mentally and physically, so you knock out a person stronger than him.
Guy: a guy from grade 11 hurt me, but i refused to tell
Guy 2: Whadja do?
Guy: I knocked out the strongest guy on the ground and threatened to knock anyone if they dared to give me shit!, even the guy that knocked me out thought he was next, now i'm king of pain
Guy 2: Didja get caught
Guy: even the principal thought his life was on the line. i make shit roll up hill
by your best idiot April 08, 2010
1: Down with or Okay
2: Bad or Farked Up
3: The puzzle peice known throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series
4: Iggy, with a "J" sound at the beginning
5: short for Jigsaw
1: I'm jiggy, you jiggy?
2: I just took a hella jiggy shit

Banjo the Bear: Hey, the last Jiggy!
Iggy Koopa: |34(|< 0|=|=, 5|-|17|-|34|),1 12 31337 (Back off, Shithead, I am too elite!
4: Jiggy Koopa is wrong, for some reason
5: Pass me that jiggy peice, will ya?
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
fear of the workplace, a slackoholic
Lotsa people have Workaphobia, meaning they are afraid of work, school, or anything related. and they are proud of that. they're just too dumb to show it
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
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