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Deja dit (pronounced dé-ja-di) Even though deja dit is French for "already said", it actually is used to describe the strange feeling you get when you're in a situation, and feel like you've been in the exact same situation before and spoken the same words as if you have studied them and just repeated them. Similar to “déjà vu” but the difference is while you are in that akward situation, it’s like someone takes control of your mouth and the words are coming out by themselves.
“ I was trying to explain my science teacher why I couldn’t finish my homework on time, but as I was speaking I could feel the words coming out as I rehearsed for that moment, it was definitely a déja dit.”
by youngspoiler August 08, 2007
Said of someone, especially men, who acts with Chris Bosh’s mannerisms, which can happen to be very effeminate at times, even fruity. Word in the street is that he might be playing for the other team but regardless of his sexual orientation, he’s the only player who uses so much lady-like hand gesture and facial expressions on a call against him.
Man : I can’t believe Scott won American Idol, I was SO voting for Lauren this year!!!
Woman : I can tell you’re mad about it, but do you really have to be that boshy with it?!
by youngspoiler June 01, 2011

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