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28 definitions by youngr

Google operating software for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Biggest rival of Apple's iPhone and Windows Mobile, although Windows Mobile is actually too tiny to be considered a competitor.

Current releases:

Cupcake Android 1.5
Donut Android 1.6
Eclair Android 2.1
Froyo Android 2.2

Future releases (October 2010):

Gingerbread Android 3.0
Honeycomb Android 3.5
Ice Cream Android 4.0
A: Why don't you get yourself an iPhone?

B: no way dude, Android for life!
by YoungR October 16, 2010
A shockproof, foldable, writable computer screen-like devise that doesn't need electricity.
Windows crashed again, I'll write it on some paper and mail it to you, with a stamp on the envelope.
by YoungR May 09, 2010
Sunday Afternoon Drinks.

Because regular folk have to work on Monday, it's wiser to start drinking on Sunday afternoon so you'll be wasted early and can go to bed in time.
Starting to drink too late on Sunday could seriously effect your appetite for

MND, TND, WND, ThND and/or FND and that would be sad...
A: Wanna meet for drinks on Sunday?

B: Sure, but let's make it a SAD, I'm not a sad jobless tosser like the rest of your friends.

A: Noon then?

B: Noon it'll be.
by YoungR October 16, 2010
Friday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Friday night. Probably the most popular among all ND's. FND, like all ND's are usually enjoyed straight after work. Forgetting to eat is not uncommon.

also see:

Hey who's joining us for FND?

We should have an early FND today, leave at 4?
by YoungR September 15, 2010
Fictional town in Germany. No roads lead to Bielefeld, no railways either. It does appear on maps, but no-one has ever been there or knows someone from Bielefeld.
It might be a code name for some secret militairy project.

Everybody who claims to be from Bielefeld or to have ever been there is part of the Bielefeld-conspiracy (German: Bielefeld-Verschwörung)
X: Have you ever been in Bielefeld?

Y: Sure, I was there only about two weeks ago.

X (to Z): Never trust Y again, he part of the Bielefeld-conspiracy
by YoungR June 19, 2010
Release 4.0 of Google's Android.

Although Gingerbread and Honeycomb are not yet available, Google is said to be already working on Android 4.0.

No idea what it will look like, but it will be greater than great!!

Froyo and Gingerbread are said to perform great with a 1 Ghz processor, Honeycomb and Ice Cream for sure will have a big impact on hardware.

Apple and Microsoft: be afraid, very afraid.
A: I want ice cream!!

B: Patience, let's get Gingerbread first.

A: Huh?

B: Or frozen yogurt, whatever you want... Get with the program!!
by YoungR October 16, 2010
Wednesday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Wednesday night. Maybe the best of all ND's. Very popular among expats and those who work with expats, since expats regularly go home on Friday.

also see:

X: Are you joining us for WND?

Y: No, I'm going to the gym.

X: What is that with you and Jim lately?

Y: Haha...
by YoungR September 15, 2010