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a blinged out gangsta in tha hood
a dog with jewlery
"ay0 b hope i don't blind ya wit mah ice!"
"DAAAANNGGG YO...u'z a shiny dog!!"

"Ay man u gon get yo dog som ice fo hiz neck?"
"heg yea sun...he gon b a shiny dog"
by youngkilla May 31, 2008
just another way to say "what's going on"
usually used by gang bangers in the hood
"What the deal is son? i heard you had dat guud...u gon hook me up or what"
by youngkilla May 31, 2008
to say goodbye or shut the fuck up
"ay dawg dat purp waz gud last night"
"heg yea cuhzz...wen you gon get sum mo nigga?"
"next time you get a piece of pussy"
by youngkilla May 30, 2008

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