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A funny look when you see something out of the ordinary
Kwame:Hey Natalie, you remind me of someone.

Natalie: WHo? Gabrielle Union.?

Kwame:0_0. NO bxtch. . .more like bob dillan. lmao
by youngjuz03 September 01, 2009
The Black Way Of saying LOL It stands for Gotta Nigga Rollin females could use it as Gbr for Gotta Bitch Rollin
Young JUZ: I take some credit for Gnr because i thought of it in the shower

All THe Other Black PPl: GNR!!! nigga you didnt make shit!!!

(Books Thrown At Me)
by youngjuz03 June 27, 2009
Gotta Nigga Rollin Hard
Young JUZ: Ay the bitches from laser tag camp don't like my happy trail

J-Stunna: GNRH!!! Hey wit a minit negro thats my joke!!!
by youngjuz03 June 27, 2009
A prostitute
Young JUZ: ay man Dat gurl over dare is hella smoove
Tj: Man dont mess wid those, she a flipp & will fuck the whole team
by youngjuz03 June 29, 2009

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