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this is when ethier a women or man.takes a lit cigarette or cigar.and uses it as a dildo on themself
give me the roman candle.i want to feel the burn in my anus hole.
by young bovice(shaded thoughts) February 23, 2009
this involves one man and one women.the man lathers his penis with a large amount of tartar sauce or horse raddish or your favorite sauce or dressing.then inserts his rod into the female.thus getting all the sauce in the region his penis was penatrating.then the man takes a straw and sucks all the sauce out.
wow the ghost donkey tasted great last night.i wanted to get some carrots an dip them into your vag.
by young bovice(shaded thoughts) February 23, 2009
this is when a man apply's a sucktion cup on the tip of his penis.and use's it to plunge the shit out of a women or mans ass.
damn i couldnt get the shit out of Jims ass last night.because my penis plunger is to small.
by young bovice(shaded thoughts) February 24, 2009
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