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2 definitions by youknowitson

the class of bitches playing the game that you have to drink wine with to fuck. basically higher class privileged girls that still like to party but want to be classy about it.
You can't feed these girls beer, they're wine class bitches!
by youknowitson August 23, 2009
13 2
for those of us who live outside the city, a city girl is a girl who lives in the city who you hook up with on business or recreational trips to the city. This act is usually done behind the back of a significant other or friends.
I've got a conference in Chicago next Thursday. Will be a nice change though I haven't seen my city girl in weeks.

Bro #1: You taking your girlfriend with you to Chicago?

Bro #2: No way bro, gonna meet up with my city girl.
by youknowitson October 28, 2009
11 32