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I've Shit Myself I'm Laughing So Hard

Hyperbole based on "LOL".
Could be used as sarcasm.
My ex claims mental cruelty because I complained about her lousy personal hygiene.

by youdbesoluckytoknowme October 04, 2012
From firearms terminology: chambered, full magazine, cocked, safety off.
Also meaning, you're about to have an explosive movement. Kind of a crisis.
"Why do you look like that?,"Guy I'm condition zero! I NEED A TOILET!"
by youdbesoluckytoknowme January 11, 2014
From firearms jargon: chambered, full magazine, cocked, safety on.
As in: Ready to take a massive poo... But not quite a crisis.
Not as bad as Condition Zero.
Can we stop the car at the next gas station? I'm condition one over here.
We tried Greek but the silly bitch didn't tell me she was condition one.
by youdbesoluckytoknowme January 11, 2014
Ivoluntary, and prolonged laughter after experiencing a particularly funny joke.
While I had an intellectual orgasm, I missed the rest of the dialogue to the "Political Peasant" sketch. I knew it by heart anyway...
by youdbesoluckytoknowme November 01, 2006
In Canada stands for Liquor Control Board, eg. LCBO... Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Clip it to L.C., and make it a name.
I couldn't find any Cuervo at the Elsie, so I got you Sauza. YECH!
by youdbesoluckytoknowme October 31, 2006

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