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Used to describe someone or something that is totally hardcore intense. Not just used to refer to a person who is die-hard, but also used as an exclamatory "wow." Or to describe how much you enjoy something. Many tough as nails uses for tough as nails.
Example 1
Look at Jack Bauer, jumping from rooftops kicking ass, tough as fucking NAILS.

Example 2
Rachael Ray's birth chart is ALL Virgo. Every planet is in Virgo. Tough as nails Virgo.

Example 3
Erica is a tough as nails jenny lewis fan. Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis all the time. Hardcore, tough as nails Jenny Lewis fan.
#tough #as #nails #rachael #ray #is #a #hardcore #virgo
by youcanspellthis December 08, 2009
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