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"something the haters love to play on tha players"
-A group of people who make a big scene out of something they know nothing about in front of their (audience) homies/hoes/bar-flies, in order to make themselves look or seem cooler than they really are.
-Usually the first peeps to come shake your hand and suck nutz at a social function.
Player- "why they mean muggin ova there in da corner homie?"
Steve- "Ohh... ya boy Frank just got done playin (blamegame) before you walked in tha door.
by youaintgottolikeme March 24, 2009
A lee7 azz pimp who pulls multiple hoes out of a bar/strip club in one single bound.
A kind of a superhero who keeps his cape fresh like downy sheetz in da streetz!

(does not buy lap-dances, rarely gives a hoe a dollar cuz that's all they're worth anyways)
Harold- "How can dude pull so much ass without getting any lap-dances?"
Lamar- "Because your a square ass stupid fuck Harold. Captain Save'm knows bout tit grease n ripperz on polez niggy! no dough fo no hoe.. skeet skeet bitch!!!"
by youaintgottolikeme March 24, 2009

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