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tailgating with others
dude we got some serious tailigation going on
by you wish September 12, 2004
A skill used by low income folks to get stuff the need. Used especially by darkies.
person 1:Yo man where'd you get the money for these chicken wings?
person 2: I used creative financing. I dug in the sofa.
by you wish June 14, 2004
Anarchy, chaos or insanity basically all out hell.
Darkforum is so unruly that IronWeasel ran away crying because he was ragged on so much.
by You wish March 18, 2003
a delicous marshmellow
I like to eat about 147 fluffy puff marshmellows!
by you wish August 10, 2003
Marist College has been known to have rich preppy kids. This is said by those who wish they could be rich and get into a decent educational school. You dont have to be angry that you got rejected! Marist students are cool, have fun and yes they do where polo and do drive suv's because they can afford them. Sorry that some people cant!
"Yea you wish you could be a Marist Student"
by you wish May 05, 2005
The best motherfuckin country in the whole world w/ the hottest women, great music, and a bitch of a country
India is much better than the United States or China
by You wish April 24, 2005
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