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When a older man (preferably a "Corwin") cuts a slit in his dickhead and analy rapes a jewish infant. He then pulls out his shit-infested, yeast covered, and blood soaked little penis out of the infant's asshole and makes a hitler mustache on the childs face. He then proceeds to splooge shit, cum, blood, and yeast in one of the childs holes (This acts like a glaze or sauce to cover a uncooked chicken) and tosses it into an oven preheated to 2000 degrees and munches on it.
Synonyms: The German Chum Shot, The Hitler Snipe-Show
Yo what are you doing right now Bruce?

Wait a sec, im currently doing The Corwin Hot Shot to some little infant. Hes cooking right now, I can talk in a bit.
by you sure? April 28, 2010

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