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A band whose support is mainly grassroots, collected through incessant touring. They aren't mainstream, and therefore aren't widely known or popular, but have an incredibly large fanbase. The members met in college and started a band, originally titled "Gus." The name was changed later to Guster, and has remained so ever since.

Guster is a kick-ass band and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Their harmonies are excellent, lyrics innovative, and didn't have to sell out to be sucessful.
They've put out several albums since their beginning in the early 90's: Parachute, Goldfly, Lost and Gone Forever, and Keep It Together. I own all four, so should you.
Kid A Who Wouldn't know good music if it hit him in the head:Hey, what's your favorite band?
Kid B Who's Awesome:Guster.
B:A great band, here go to their website.
A:Ewwww I hear a new sound that doesn't sound like everything else pumping out of my pop/rock radio. I HATE IT.
B:You suck. Go listen to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, or someother piece of crap music.
A: Okay, since you told me to, I will.
by you smell bad January 08, 2006

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