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umm.. wissahickon school district is pretty simple to explain. it is 50% preppy white christian kids somewho think they are the hottest shit alive and then the others who either think they are really smart and are nerds or just the other ones. 5% white wealthy jewish kids who are friends with those white preppy christian kids. 20% black ghetto kids who think that they are all too cool for anything. 15% asian -- all types. those asians are fucking smart too. and 10% of everything else. GOTHIC AND PUNK are mixed in there too. Yeah well everyone at this school parties 24/7. drinking and puking and passing out and getting high is like their favorite thing in life. the kids who don't do this stay home on the weekends. Also.. another thing everyone does in that school is GOSSIP. its like if you tell someone something.. it will be around the school in less than half an hour. they just love to talk about it each other.

but yeah i guess in the end maybe SOME get into a decent college. either that or they are off to Montco (Montgomery County Community College) or they are just sitting on their asses and doing nothing at all.
"oh my god.. did you hear about that girl? she gave head to like 10 guys saturday night." - girl #1
"oh my god.. that's like ewwww. what a skank." - girl #2
"hey.. did you hear about that girl who gave like 20 guys head saturday night"- girl #2 to boy#1
"hell yes.. i was one of themm"- boy #1
"hahahaha.. eww ugh..hahah. whatever she is a skank."- girl #2
by you love us March 14, 2005

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