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a chick who has fucked EVERYONE at your school, who more than likely has at LEAST one STD.
Annie is an STD library.
by you KNOW its true April 09, 2007
a varitaion on the game of tag, in which the player who is "it" tags another, and while doing so, shouts out the name of a known STD, such as "the clap." The person who is now "it" now has to tag another player, and shout the name of another STD. If an STD is repeated, that player is eliminated.
The following is an example of a game if STD Tag:

Johnny: *Tags Jenny* Herpes!
Jenny: Damn, now I'm it...*runs after Billy and tags him* Gonorrhea!
Billy: Crap.
by you KNOW its true April 09, 2007
its from a Tenacious D song you stupid fuckheads who gave the other definition thumbs down
How many can you do?
Well I guess you can only do one, really...

-Jack Black and Kyle Gass, debating the usefullness of cockpushups
by you KNOW its true April 11, 2007

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