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a shitty little city that tries to make up for the fact that it used to be a bunch of broke-ass losers by building new houses and golf courses(bulle rock)

havre de grace is a stupid dump full of undereducated morons, nearly segregated black and white trash, and useless thugs off of the chesapeak bay.

it is chock-full of psychotic fucking knife-loving morons, white trash, niggers, and people that murder people at carnivals in front of little children over 10 dollars.

the common hdg animal also has a strange obsession with throwing humans threw windows; go look at how many windows the fucking middle school orders every year
Guy 1: did you hear about that dumb kid who threw a mcdonalds employee threw a window yesterday over giving him crispy instead of grilled
Guy 2: yeah wtf he was a fucking moron
Guy 1: hes from havre de grace
Guy 2: oh! that explains a lot

What a bunch of fucking retards
by you faggots November 30, 2007

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