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a badass amazing kisser who:

a) will knock one's socks off and steal one's kisses;
b) is not a tease,
c) is not necessarily mysteriously unidentified to the one getting socks rocked off,
d) is highly experienced and tends to have numerous partners, all completely crushed that the bandit is still on the loose.
"There's this, like, amazing girl who just cornered me in the stairwell at this party. OMFG she was so hot and she rocked my socks off! Damn, I wanna get with her again. I wish she wasn't such a make-out bandit..."

Heather: "So, I made out with Dan last night."
Leah: "I thought you just made out with Blake."
Heather: "That was two nights ago..."
Leah: "Wow, you are suuuch a make-out bandit!"
by you've been Jessie'd October 26, 2006

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