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The most amazing, gorgeous and sweetest guy you will ever ever meet. Honestly, this person is one of a kind. You will never be blessed with anyone else as amazing than him. He is the most perfect person. He's got a heart of gold and deserves to be treated with respect, love and care. He might find it difficult to open up because of terrible past experiences or because he fears judgement but he has to know he is simply wonderful, magical and he can share his worries with you and that you are always there for him, that you don't judge that you see him and love him for the amazing human being he is. He loves to express himself through creative forms and he excels in all of them. He's a dream come true you in every way and the most stunning person in the world. And you'll fall in with him more and more each day.
Eric is the type of guy who comes by your life only once... you will never meet another like him. He's the most amazing person and through thick and thin he will be there for you, and you there for him, what may come <3
by you'reperfect.1 June 18, 2010

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