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1 definition by yoto32, yes i do play this game

The most basis of mmorpgs, the standard on which other mmorpgs are generally compared too, whether or not you need to pay for it. Runescape has fairly good graphics for a game not required to pay to play. It is also set apart from other mmorpgs i nthe fact that it doesn't take up the entire screen to play. for your dollar, runescape is about the best game to buy. for $0 a month you get a vairity of skills and items. For a nominal fee of $5 a month (which you can cancel at any time and gives 34 days of membership) you get triple the amount area of land to explore and about more than twice the amount of monsters to slay, not to mention the long and intricate quests the company Jagax spends much hard work to complete. Also, most of the regular updates of the game are members only. What generally is accepted is that Runescape 2 is way better than Runescape classic, save for about 200 people who prefer the older version.
Runescape, that noob game?
No, the graphics here are way better than Runescape
Not as many quests as Runescape
Runescape Pwnz!!
by yoto32, yes i do play this game November 03, 2005