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Critical Situation especially as it relates to computer software and hardware support.
I called Microsoft premier support and they sat on my issue for two days until they marked the case a critsit...then a team of S.W.A.T. nerds busted through the window of the computer room.
by yote September 30, 2008
Vice President I'd like to f*ck.
Sarah Palin one hot vpilf.
by Yote September 03, 2008
Short for category especially as it relates to wiring.
User: It takes forever to download videos even though my computer says I'm conntected at 100/Full.
Help desk: Is your patch cable rated at least cat-5? (As if a user would know!)
by Yote September 08, 2008
Critical Situation
When you call Microsoft Premier support, you get a lot faster resolution if they mark the incident as a critsit
by yote September 03, 2008
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