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Humanity's final answer to the question of reality and the human condition.
Club Penguin is the final bastion of hope for mankind.
by Yosheek June 19, 2011
The process of ████████ ███████████ to the advantage of █████████ in order to ███████. Potentially used against ██████ and other such forms of ██████. A staple weapon to any functioning regime of █████████.
Yeah, cuz censorship is totally the answer to the problems in ████████.
by yosheek June 19, 2011
Something that totally be not well done in definition of this which is grammar, along with also most of internet as accomplice as well. Do not confuse with spelling, which is done be correct in this.
"I haz good gramarz" -- internet prodigy

"Poor tongue, god bless his Grammar." --Sensible human being, in reply.
by yosheek June 19, 2011
The demanding process of amending to the end of any word the suffix "ing". One of the most easily improvised manipulation of the English language, nearly every commonly used word has been subjected to ingerizationizing, including ing.

by yosheek June 19, 2011
An apparently short lived but nonetheless exciting Alternative Electro band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Known in the design community for its signature triple triangle logo, which led to a slew of graphic artists creating amazing posters, album art, and other-such digital artwork inspired by their music and featuring their band-mark as a centerpiece. Any design or art community website should have plenty of examples to boot.

Their limited set of music can be quite faithfully be described as an earthy-electro with a melodramatic progression complimented by various distorted industrial and vocal samples. All of this is held together by complicated multi-layer beats and melodic synths that shift in and out of songs. Their 2010 track "shine" is particularly dramatic, and could easily be used in a movie trailer or film, and is their most popular song to date.

Has been delaying a full-studio album for 3 or so years, of which the current status is unknown.
Omega Code just sounds amazing, why couldn't they get their shit together and release an album.

A search for Omega Code on Behance.net returns ridiculous amounts of insanely high-quality fan-art. And this is for the band that's released just 2 singles over 4 years.
by yosheek June 19, 2011

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