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to remind someone unkindly of an error or failing
Whenever he won money from a bet with others, he would always rub their noses in it by saying, "Thanks for the donation, suckers." (this being an example of how to rub someone's nose in it)
by yorrick hunt January 14, 2008
To not excrete bowel movement even though the body signals the need to do so.
Hurry up and get out of that shitter. I'm bustin to go.
Piss off! You're just gonna have to bake it.
by yorrick hunt January 05, 2008
an Australian; a person who is a citizen of Australia
Yes, I'm a dinky die ridgy didge true blue fair dinkum dead set wanker. Welcome to Australia, cobber.
by yorrick hunt June 09, 2008
being stupid; showing stupidity; displaying lack of intelligence
So many definitions on Urban Dictionary are prime examples of cockheading.
by yorrick hunt June 02, 2008
saying the same thing twice over in different words
Some people think this is an example of tautology:

It would be easy to find a blind man in a nudist colony because it wouldn't be hard.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
allowing feelings of love to override common sense
Was I being a romantic fool when I offered her an extra fifty if she could convince me that she wasn't doing it just for the money?
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
Donald with an erection
Hard Don awoke from his wet dream with a giant hard on.
by yorrick hunt June 03, 2008

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