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119 definitions by yorrick hunt

a deliberately annoying, or innocently stupid way of saying "you betcha" (first noticed on The Young And The Restless spoken by Victor Newman)
Hey, turd! Do you want a beer?
You bet you.
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
195 27
a sexual relationship via the internet
She suspected that her boyfriend was having an on-line affair when he started to become amazingly good at typing with one hand.
by yorrick hunt February 01, 2008
193 27
In Greek mythology, King Midas is remembered for being granted the wish of being able to turn everything that he touched into gold (the Midas Touch).
King Midas was granted the opposite of the Shitters Touch.
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
197 31
a name that sounds a lot like genitalia
I think I'll call my boat "Jenny Talia". I like the sound of it.
by yorrick hunt January 16, 2008
204 39
1. (in reference to a baby) released excrement into his diaper or nappy
2. (in reference to an adult) threw a tantrum
1. You could tell by the smile on his face that he had just soiled his diaper.
2. When he couldn't get his own way, he spat the dummy and soiled his diaper.
by yorrick hunt January 14, 2008
189 24
alternative spelling for "erection"
He wanted his name to sound like "erection", so he called himself Eric Shaun.
by yorrick hunt January 19, 2008
205 41
when a male uses his hand to jack off
He got so excited thinking about his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend that he had to race the lizard.
by yorrick hunt January 15, 2008
190 26