119 definitions by yorrick hunt

small pieces of fried or toasted bread added to soup
When recycled sewage is added to your water supply, you no longer need to add croutons to your soup.
by yorrick hunt February 01, 2008
what the telephone company charges you for making telephone calls
Last night I fell asleep during sex and woke up two hours later with a $700 phone bill.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
flies that lay their eggs in rotting meat
Theo didn't have much of a sex life as he was attractive only to blowflies.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
exclamation of accomplishment or satisfaction
When he saw that his definition had been accepted on Urban Dictionary, he yelled out, "You beauty!"

As the horse that he had bet on won the race, he yelled out, "You beauty!"
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
a pronounced form of lolloping; extreme flopping about; great bouncing movement; much jiggling
Have a look at the lolloping, flolloping gut tongue on that fat bastard.
by yorrick hunt January 17, 2008
silence; stop talking; be quiet; shut up
You talk too much. Get some shuthole.
Will you shuthole? No one wants to hear your crap.
Shuthole, dammit! I'm trying to think!
by yorrick hunt January 16, 2008
sounds a lot like kartya kokkov
Because her name sounded like "cut your cock off", she decided to change it to Anita Dick.
by yorrick hunt January 30, 2008
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