119 definitions by yorrick hunt

1. annoy
2. reprimand

TICK OFF (How to tick someone off):

1. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking.

2. Tell him, if he does that again, you will kick his ass.
by yorrick hunt February 03, 2008
a label attached to an item to display its sale price
Should you be disqualified from a beauty contest if you accidentally leave the price tag on your breasts?
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
what to say to someone when you want something from them
Where's that fifty you owe me? Cough it up!

Have you got that information I wanted? Cough it up!
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
Erect penis; hard cock; full dick
Just thinking about giving her a pearl necklace gave me a roarer.
by yorrick hunt January 06, 2008
small pieces of fried or toasted bread added to soup
When recycled sewage is added to your water supply, you no longer need to add croutons to your soup.
by yorrick hunt February 01, 2008
1. that's too bad; deal with it; put up with it; tough luck; tough titty
2. exclamation of triumph when you want to rub someone's nose in it
1. BILL: I just missed out on first prize in the lottery by one number.
OWEN: Suck on it.
2. As you play the winning move in a game of skill or chance against others, you call out, "Suck on it!"
by yorrick hunt January 14, 2008
a deliberately annoying, or innocently stupid way of saying "you betcha" (first noticed on The Young And The Restless spoken by Victor Newman)
Hey, turd! Do you want a beer?
You bet you.
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008

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