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A native of Kingston-upon-Hull
We hate the codheads,
The smelly codheads,
They're only happy on Giro day,
Their Mam's out dealing,
Their Dad's out stealing,
Please don't take my hubcaps away.
by yorkie April 01, 2003
usually found residing around yorkshire, the stappo is a strange little creature that has freak-like qualities and may encourage laughter among others. if you see a stappo, approach with extreme caution as it may have highly contagious diseases or may be intoxicated with severe amounts of alcoholic beverages or narcotics.
eh up stappo! ya bin downt pit? whaddya mean they closed pit?
by yorkie June 15, 2003
ryming slang for shite band "limpbizkit"
fred durst can shove gimp izshit up his arse!
by yorkie July 09, 2003
rhyming slang for shite
god that film was really beverley knight!
by yorkie June 17, 2003
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