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Strong of spirit, Vicky is that rare individual whose charisma draws the attention of even the most hardened individual. She is a woman who holds the light of the heavens in her eyes and the soul of the sea in her kisses for they sweep you away to places that sailors pine for as they nurse their rum on a cold lonely night.

Vicky is mother and child. For one moment her face glows while holding her precious ones and then the next it displays it's fear in thinking that she is not precious herself.

Vicky will feel compassion for a stranger in need but not notice when she leads ones soul to bleed. She will believe when it fits her picture and deny that which may alter her reality. She luvs to easily but refuses to be loved.

Vicky is an enigma.
Penultimate: I think I met my Vicky and she doesn't even know I'm alive.
by yordkns February 04, 2010
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