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To pop a cherry; to lose/take one's virginity.

To break the hymen.
"Yo have you and your girl done it yet?"
"No but I'm gonna bust a hyme tonight."
by yopeacenlove September 08, 2009
pronounced "could-dge"; a fat vagina; bulky labia.
a bitchy or stubborn person.
"Did you see her kouldge? Gross"

"God, she was such a kouldge."
by yopeacenlove September 05, 2009
When a skinny man has vaginal intercourse with an obese woman. The skinny man is on top while the obese woman is on the bottom therefore he is dunking his penis into her.
"OMG, I am so horny right now I would even chunky dunk Kirstie Alley!"

"Yo, your mama's so fat even Ruben Studdard thought she was a chunky dunk!"
by yopeacenlove October 14, 2009

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