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2 definitions by yoovie

an unexplained phenomenon spreading slowly though the internet in which members of dating sites, who refuse to use the site for its intended purpose, post pictures of themselves with a fish photoshopped into their mouths. This phenomenon was started by OKCupid user wryx10.
"Why is there a fish in your mouth?"

"My mouthfish is under no pbligation to explain itself to you."
by yoovie January 28, 2009
not just a SIF, but a hogbeast SIF, or basically someone completely crunchy that has no idea that they seriously need a makeover and some attention given to their physical appearance.

--coined by bronzcowgrl
I answer all of these ads online for making friends and whatnot, but so many of them are uggodillos working the myspace angle.
by yoovie January 29, 2009