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A town where everyone is either white or asian, and there are only two token black people, minority's do not exist in this town, and the ones that do, are the whitest black people ever. A town where the house keeper drops off your ronnies lunch everyday, and mommy and daddy say i love u with a 40,000 car. Home of the most beautiful women in the world, where even the mom's are still hot, fuck desperate housewives, Northwoods is where its at. Where the rich jew moms sleep with the landscapers cuase their husbands are in jail for stealing money. Where the kids have nothing better to do with their money than smoke pot and blow lines. Norwood the only town where people snort coc off peoples dicks, Its the smallest but greatest town in the world!
-"yo, nigga when ya get that whip?"
-"My 16th birthday kid!"
-"How much it cost?"
-"only 50 g's"
-"only in norwood"
by yooooooooooo April 18, 2006

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