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3 definitions by yoohoo

A female 'friend' who shows no outward interest in you, but will go all out to prevent you from hooking with other women by slagging you behind your back.
I was so ready to hook up with the sheila, but annie date shielded me.
by yoohoo May 07, 2003
2672 1977
The culmination of everything wonderful.
Someone composed entirely of chocolate and sunshine dust. Can be used interchangably with the following terms: fashionable, beautiful, ambitious, witty, selfless, talented, unbelievable(with a positive connotation),elegant and graceful.
I think given the choice between surfing and watching Reading Rainbow with Ismat, I would choose the latter.
by yoohoo February 22, 2005
21 14
when a bitchs chin, titties, gut, and cunt all connect; the cankle of the upper body
Wow! Leslie really tries to make herself look good by chillin with chinittigunt victims!
by yoohoo April 26, 2004
5 5