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A school that spawns So Low wearing, Starbucks drinking, lacrosse playing, blackberry using, facebook addictied, grade worrying, Dave Mattew's Band listening, Platt partying, Shampoo clubbing, Jewish practicing, nice car driving, sex having, weed smoking, mindless alcoholic douche bags that just follow the latest trend and who think they are the celebrities of the world, when in reality, the only people that like them live in the asshole capital of the US, the mainline. And even then, their overly dramatic friends all find ways to hate on each other cause they have nothing better to do.

All the black kids think they are cold, hard gangsters, and all the white kids think they are athletic and suave.

Every one follows the same trends, and no one thinks for themselves.

All kids do on the weekends is drink and then talk about it the following monday like its the first time Julie passed out and the cops came.

People here also go to concerts frequently, but not for the music, just as an excuse to get drunk again.

If you want to hate your life in 4 years or less, I suggest you go to this school.

Typical Attire of a Lower Merion Student

Northface jacket
so low pants

sideways college hat
northface jacket
high black nike socks
nike shoes
Yeah bro, I go to Livingston High School and I love in LTown. Keep calm and party on mofucka leggooooo #leggooooooo.
by yooduttarightthing January 09, 2012

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