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Possibly and most likely the funniest cartoon charactar of all time. he stars in the show South Park, a moutain town in Colorado. Cartman is a fat,spoiled kid whos mom is a hermaphrodite. he also Hates Jews especially Kyle. Cartman is always ripping on him for being a Jew.
Cartman:Fuck you you dirty jewbag!!!

Kyle:Screw you!!!
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 23, 2008
The older name of the Wii the Nintendo revolution was to be in differrent colors such as,green,black,blue,white,and red. There were aso differrent accesories at the time the Nintendo Revolution had a controller the size suitable for a grown man or women not children it had a differrent button layout and was a lil unsafe with the "nunchuck" Nintendo Revolution's nunchuck was essentually the same except the plug in. The newer Wii have two notches on each side that lock into thw Wiimote instead of a flat surface that goes in.Nintendo Revolution had something in common with the PS3. Not name changing but color and and controller. The original idea of PS3 was a Satin silver 40GB system that was soupossed to be backwards compatible. The PS3 that is out today is a black 40GB non-backwards compatible system the older PS3 is a 60Gb backwards compatible system only. Th original dea had a large "boomerang" controller that upseted many Sony enthusiasts. It actually looked like a double edged dildo. The newer version has the original controller button layout and feel except for a dashboard button in the middle and "trigger" L2 and R2 buttons
I put a reservation on a Nintendo Revolution and got something called a Wii.
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 26, 2008
In french literally translates into "balck nigger".
Theres some schwarzenegger beaten up people at our school.
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 21, 2008

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