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Linkin Park Fiction

Fanfiction written about the members of Linkin Park by some of their fans
"Wow I read a great fic over at www.lpfiction.com"
"www.lpfiction.com pwnz"
by yomomma1976 January 13, 2006
Commonly known as SPMS. They are people who deny their love of MAWism. Their greatest fear is the cucumber.
"Those MAWS in denial are at it again."
"What they doing?"
"They're trying to make the cucumber illegal"
by yomomma1976 January 13, 2006
The name of Fort Minor's album. Named as such because spelling is one of Mike Shinoda's weak points
"Have you heard FM's album?"
"The Rising Tied?"
"Yeah, that."
"Nah. I'm a MAW and refuse to listen to it."
by yomomma1976 January 13, 2006
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