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Where the dreams of children go to die.
Where does he go to school?

Pueblo West High School

Ouch. His life is over.
by yomanitsnoah March 08, 2012
A game consisting of guys sitting in a circle with their legs spread, exposing their testicles while taking shots from a thrown object from other opponents in the circle. At the start of the game, one guy will toss the throwing object, which can be anything from a wiffle ball to an apple to a baseball. If the thrown ball misses the target's testicles, then the target receives the ball and has one chance to hit another opponent. This process repeats itself until a player is hit in the testicles, rendering him in severe pain and out of the round. If a player successfully hits an opponent in the nuts, then the player is granted the ball again for another shot at another opponent. A round is complete when all the players quit from mercilessly bruised testicles.

-A player can rejoin a round once the testicular pain has subsided
-A player is out of the game if they flinch, close their legs, or block the nutshot in any way.

-Wearing jeans is frowned upon, as they add high resistance, making a a clear shot to the nuts more difficult, while making a successful shot less painful.
Girl: Can I play nutball with you guys?
Guy: Do you have nuts?
Girl: No.
Guy: Then no.
by yomanitsnoah December 12, 2012

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