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2 definitions by yolo swagins

A homosexual that lives in high altitude land and lives off of deer, moose, rabbits and any kind of meat they can get there hands on. They live up in these places because country's who don't allow homosexuals force them to live remote from society.
James: See that faggotier up there?

Tom: Yeah, I feel bad for him, he never gets to visit his family.
by Yolo swagins December 16, 2013
one of the most amazing people you could ever meet, sometimes referred to as shamazing (as the youths of today say). she often finds it difficult to turn off her swag and so takes it with her everywhere she goes. frey frey is said to be 'craziest chica on da blok of luganica'.

she was always an unusual girl, she has been told she has a chameleon soul many a time
she belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone, who had nothing, who wanted everything with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified her to the point that she couldn’t even talk about, and pushed her to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied her
she believes in the kindness of strangers
she is in touch with all of her darkest fantasies and she has created a life for herself where she is free to experience them
she may be fucking crazy but she is free
'dat yat is so wack she is like dat gurl, whats her name ... cray cray frey frey dats it, dat shit cray bro'
'its a shame she dating dat harry styles dude coz maynnn i would have taken her on a date to the waffle house jheezz how unfortunate'
by yolo swagins May 29, 2013