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1 definition by yoli

A city very much worth visiting but, once you break its superficial surface, you realize that it's not for living unless you're either a) a homosexual or b) a member of some kind of fringe and traditionally shunned subculture. San Francisco is a city where many people think they're fabulous, yet they're not at all. What thrives in San Francisco are pseudo-intellectual tendencies, hipsters (see mipster), homosexuals, yuppies (Marina district) opposite of mipsters, and rampid pretentiousness. Its art scene sucks unless you're of the grunge culture. It claims to be a diverse city simply because it contains asians and semi-open homosexuality. Despite its claims of diversity, it's in fact very homogeneous, not to mention small and filthy (small is fine, but not when you're facing a huge homeless problem).
Dude, you wanna go party in Marina tonight? Naw, I don't wanna feel like I'm in a BR catalog - let's go pick up some dirties in the Mission instead. I love San Francisco.
by yoli November 08, 2006