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one of the best bands ever to not endorse comercialism. unfortunatly they recieved loads of preassure to tour more and relese more merch. evenually they broke up. some great songs by them are: lump, bag of bones, peaches, feather pluckin, and the list goes on.
the presidents of the united states of america will one day rule the world.
by yogurt August 07, 2004
The former bassist of Weezer.. Not too sure what happend though, becauase he's gone now. Perhaps it was drugs that caused him to blow off the 'Island in the Sun' video shoot.. Now they're stuck with that Scott guy who signed his name over Matt's and Mikey's on all the Weezer albums.
Mikey is greater than Scott but less than Matt.
by yogurt August 06, 2004
a really long confusing explination of how the solar system was established.
earth science is a really boring class.
by yogurt August 15, 2004
boys that admitedly cry and whine. they infect the radio and tv, but will never stop crying as they collect millions of dollars from our youth who call them 'gods'. pathetic losers who think they are cool because of their dissfunctional eyes. also perform horrific covers of REM songs. yes, that would be dashboard.
taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, blink 182, good charelotte, simple plan, and the list goes on.
by yogurt August 06, 2004
A can filled with worms. Often used to describe the feeling of inserting ones genitalia (male) into a vagina where the male is indifferent to a particular vagina.
Man, I can't believe I hit that bitch last night, she was nasty. (Supportive friend) Hey man, can of worms..
by Yogurt February 17, 2004
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