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1. to be very highly intoxicated on copius amounts of alcohol, to the point where you can just manage to walk

2. a chant which is shouted by yourself and a group of friends when you are leaving the pub/club/bar and are walking down the street, after a heavy drinking session
1. ah man, me and the lads had a great night, we where so steam boat it took me 2 hours to walk half a mile home.

2. me and the lads where shouting "STEEEEEEAM BOOOOOAT" all night last light, and we woke some old lady up!!
by yogigypsy October 16, 2009
where you decide for no apperent reason to go outdoors and masturbate.

this can be anywhere outside, not in any specific place.
"what did you do last night buddy?"

"I went outside to naturebate, it was awsome doing it whilst looking at the stars"
by yogigypsy October 16, 2009

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