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From the Hindi language meaning different, beautiful, intellectual, and tempting
Nirali is full of beauty and is unique.
by Yogi January 19, 2005
a black mans penis (usually shortened to hickory)
she got down on her knees and sucked his hickory
by yogi May 25, 2004
To decline an offer. Probably derived from cops or emergency people waving traffic past an accident scene at night with flashlights.
He tried to hit on me but I just shined him on.
by YOGI April 09, 2004
Mostly used by stray interweb-dwellers

when lost for words.
See first definition.
by Yogi February 24, 2005
a girl who dresses in very revealing clothes, wears a fair bit of make up, likes to walk around places holding there clothing up high so you can see what there wearing undernetah
e.g there skirt.

kind of like a slut but may not sleep around as much
kirsten a.k.a gus gus
by yogi February 16, 2004
A verb meaning to make bloody.
Fuck with me, and I'll wet your shirt
by Yogi March 22, 2005
to be pissed, originated from pi**ed, which could almost be pronounced (pie eyed)
"i was completely pie eyed!"
by yogi May 25, 2004

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