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A wonderful person. Jakes always have a great sense of style and music. They love cars and motorcycles. They are caring, loving, smart, senitive and creative. Jakes are the type of people you just can't help but love. If you are a Jake, you should be very proud of these qualities valued greatly in society.
Oh, that must be a Jake.
by Yogan April 21, 2012
A sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms include: delelopment of itchy bumps in the genital area, odd smells emiting from genital area, and occasional Phish music eminating from the mouth and genital area. No known cure.
The Dude: Aw man, that sucks that you got Chives? Who gave it to you?
The Man: That Dead Head at the club... she was hawt
by yogan February 02, 2009

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