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3 definitions by yogadude

What you have to build up(through restraint and abstinence) before a big night to truly be 'off the hook". .

Conversely, what you have spent too much of if you wake up from a bender feeling guilty and depressed saying you will never drink/party/indulge again.
Kai: My b-day is gonna be so smack, I haven't been out past 9:00 in over a month!

Jesse: Daaamn son, you been building up some serious party karma.
by yogadude January 19, 2011
Often begun early in the new year, involves abstaining from all alcoholic products for a set period of time. Can be prompted by health, spiritual or financial reasons.

Can be a method of acquiring more party karma.
Paul: There featuring a winter ale at the micro-brewery tonight, what time should I pick you up?

Sam: Next-month-o-clock, I'm on a booze fast.
by yogadude January 04, 2012
An old-school breed of snowboarder who wore sorels and favored back country riding and sneaking onto ski-hills. Characterized by fast, erratic riding the excessive use of duct tape.
Pompous skier 1: Wadsworth, what on earth is that?
Pompous skier 2: Why Niles, I believe it is one of those ghastly slarve dogs!
Pompous Skier 1: How hideous!
Slarve dog: Check me dude, Im gonna launch that wind lip and bust a mega method air!
by yogadude January 04, 2012