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a wonderful guy with a super super sweet guy. he's incredibly gorgeous with eyes to melt for, a smile to kill for and a heart to care for. He's awesome in fifty thousand million ways. Insanely amazing sense of humor, kind, an adorably sexy guy, understanding and caring. a lover of nature, his family, animals and smiles. He gives the most incredible hugs. Seek his hugs, you will never be the same again. The most amazing person you will meet. He will enrich your life with love, humor, passion and special special moments.
haley: "I've just been hugged and healed"
rita: "by who... you look like you've been pumped with a gallons of energy!!"
haley: "Andre of course!"
rita: "aaah..."

andre is amazing :)
by yodelflop June 14, 2010

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