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One who sells his/her body for money or other payment. They often have pimps.

For one of the biggest prostitutes to ever walk the earth, see Alex Rodriguez. For information about his pimp, see Steinbrenner
Many baseball players are prostitutes, including A-Fraud.
by yodayodayodayoda July 30, 2006
A baseball player, and member of the San Francisco Giants, with an abnormally large head caused by using steroids for the past decade or more. Without steroids, he'd be lucky to still be playing in the majors. Just ask Sammy Sosa.

Some people call Bonds the greatest baseball player of all time, but these people are 100% retarded. He may break Babe Ruth's homerun record, but only thanks to doing enough juice to kill a small horse.
Barry Bonds is a fraud.
by yodayodayodayoda July 23, 2006
A MLB team with an identity crisis, so they created this ridiculous name for their team. Nobody cared about them as the "California Angels" and nobody cared about them as the "Anaheim Angels," so they tried this newest name. Sadly, it hasn't helped, and even though they fluked their way to a World Series Championship in 2002, nobody cares about this team. Perhaps some other teams that nobody cares about should try renaming themselves similarly, such as "The Washington Nationals of the District of Columbia."
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are sad.
by yodayodayodayoda July 30, 2006

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