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When a guy has a lot of gentleman like qualities and is manly. Also is full of humanity and, err, stuff.
12 year old Girl: "So, I need to find a guy with a lot of gentlemanity?"
Much older Girl: "Yes, it is important to find a guy who won't treat you like a video game."
12 year old Girl: "You mean play me?"
Much older Girl: "Exactly"
by yocjelia July 31, 2011
When you're too tired, lazy or preoccupied to stop what you're doing to eat, so you need motivation to get up or stop to eat.
I'm so hungry, but too comfortable to get up, I need hungermotivation.

When not even hunger pangs will break your finals cram session, you need hungermotivation.
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by yocjelia May 17, 2016
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