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The extra little bit of weight you put on during a period of being on holiday or vacation.
Man, when I get back to work I'll have to start going to the gym again- I've put on some serious holiday pounds
by yobrova October 12, 2009
The idea is you say something that a lot of people have done but is still a pretty good achievement and can't be either proven or disproven:

1) Used when one feels insecure about or overshadowed by another person's accomplishments

2) Sly comeback to someone who has just made a statement about how amazing they are
Person: I just got back from Somalia rescuing orphans for the peace corps. Man I'm awesome
Person 2: Yeah, well I had sex with Tiger Woods too
by yobrova December 20, 2009
The point of being on a perfect and enjoyable buzz or high, when you are right between being tipsy and wasted, and reach the night's peak. Usually quickly replaced after drinking more.
When I first got to the club, I was at Critical Drunk and was getting into a hottie, but then I drank some more, muttered incoherently and vomited all over the club floor.
by yobrova October 09, 2009
Famous statement on 4chan.org, used by people, or OPs who request a picture but just want to dump random images of their own with nothing to do with the request. By saying "pic unrelated" at the end of the post, you are automatically excused for posting something with nothing to do with what you requested
4chan user: Anyone have any Team fortress 2?
In 1920x1080 preferably
Pic unrelated
by yobrova December 13, 2009
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