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its extremely addictive..
comments are crack..
picture comments make you all like "omigosh!! some one commented my picture!! omg! i have to see what they said..." or all shy like "oh god. here we go.. people comenting me calling me ugly.."
messages.. you probobly have pages and pages of mesages...like me ha!
and everything else makes you wonder who was on your page...
and when it goes down you get REALLY mad... and start complain if your really addicted...like me...sadly..but then i go to my xanga
and the fact that your addicted makes you want to buy the shirts that say "you looked cuter on my space", "dont i know you from my space" and "my space ruined my life"haha i got tht one
my space is the numbrr one place to fall in luv. thats ware half our relationships are based.
myspace makes u wana go on it 24/7 and infact im on it rite now bizotch.
mm...well.....yeah..thts my space...
on the fone.

friend:you wana hang out today?
u:nahh not today man...i gota be a myspace whore today.
friend:u ass hole.
friend: -hangs up fone-
by yo. its leesha August 22, 2006

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